When You Feel Weak

When You Feel Weak

By: Maplewood Chiropractic Health Center

Being weak isn't just about a certain level of strength.  About not having big muscles, like Arnold Schwarzenegger, or NFL football players.  And it's not about combat, like a tough UFC fighter, or a competitive collegiate wrestler.

While those are all examples of strength, not being one of those things does not necessarily make you the opposite of strength - weakness.

Weakness is different than the opposite of strong.  You can be not strong, and still be capable.

Weakness, however, brings the element of not being able to do what you want - or need - to do.

There is being able to do what you want.  That is something that could be called 'capability.'  When capability is developed well enough that it can become competitive - that might be a good definition of strength.

The ability to not only do something, but to do it under adversity, when opposed by others, or in a competitive manner.

Weakness on the other hand, is very different.  When you feel weak - an old injury, a chronic limitation, or just some nagging constant weak spot - the challenge becomes solo.

Shoveling the driveway. Taking out the trash.  Holding your own at work.

Rather than the connected relationships of competition - weakness can be isolating.

Competitiveness has relationship built in. Every competitive move is instinctively calculated.  Actions and counteractions, anticipating the reactions of an adversary.  Competition can be physical, but it is always mental.

But weakness takes those 1000s of mental gymnastics per minute and spreads them out over days, weeks or months.  It is a game of wondering what will happen… not what you will do or should do… but what will happen to you.

Weakness becomes not wanting to ask for help.  Feeling like a burden.  Being unsure of participating with 'everyone' else.  And wondering if your weakness will hold up to what you are asking of it.

So, the key piece to dealing with feelings of weakness in your body?  Don't go it alone.  Ask for help.  Find the right trusted resources.  Ones that understand what it feels like to not always have everything go right the first time.

Reach out and communicate.  Because instead of engaging in life - we all have something we want to accomplish, something that we will get a little bit fired up about doing, even if it means competing with others…

Feeling weak takes that away… and replaces it with a vague, fearful, wondering.  "Can I do it at all?"

And that's the worst part - is that can quickly become a feeling of being alone - or lost…

And the same way that so many chiropractors found chiropractic… seeing a loved one struggle and get turned around and find themselves - or even as a patient themselves.  They know the process. They understand weak vs capable vs strong - and that you can even be weak and strong at the same time.

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