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Chiropractor Maplewood MN Jason Schwietz & Daughter
Chiropractor Maplewood MN Jason Schwietz


Jason Schwietz D.C.

Dr. Jason grew up in Forest Lake, Minnesota. In 2001, he enrolled at the University of St. Thomas. During college, Dr. Jason earned six All-American awards for track and field, he helped set two new school records, and in 2005 he graduated with a degree in Biology.

After suffering two injuries during his track & field career, Dr. Jason grew fascinated with how the body functions, heals and operates. His interest led him to become a Chiropractor.

In 2008, Dr. Schwietz graduated from Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, MN with a doctorate degree in Chiropractic. After graduation, he gained five years of experience at two of the highest volume Chiropractic clinics in Minnesota where he treated thousands of patients. In 2013 he opened Maplewood Chiropractic Health Center.

As a Health Center, Dr. Schwietz continues to deliver specialized Chiropractic care but also has the ability to work with his patients in other ways as well. Health is the top priority for every single patient and Chiropractic is just one piece of that puzzle. In order to truly attain health, everything about the patient must be studied, and that patient must be educated and motivated to continue to do the right things.

In his spare time, Dr. Schwietz enjoys spending time and being the best father possible to his daughter Livvi. He also enjoys taking care of his own health via Chiropractic care, working out, and nutritional supplements. Other interests include reading and studying the latest Chiropractic and health care advances, and watching the Vikings.

Chiropractor Maplewood MN Tim Rowh



Dr. Tim Rowh is a true Midwesterner after being born in Kansas, living in Texas and eventually graduating from Hastings High School here in Minnesota. Having lived north to south on I-35 and attending undergraduate college in North Dakota, Dr. Tim knows that one thing holds true.

No group of people works harder than those here in America's heartland, and he brings that work ethic to the clinic and the care of his patients every day. Backed by years of experience, Dr. Tim strives to treat every patient as if he was treating his own family.

Making sure to always pay close attention to specific concerns, he ensures individualized care to every patient that goes well beyond the traditional 'medical textbook'. His patients turn into friends and allies as they work together to not only correct their initial health issues, but to build up a future that is healthier and promising for years to come.

Continually investing time and energy in continuing education, he stays ahead of the curve to ensure that his patients receive the latest and greatest in natural healthcare, achieving real, long lasting results.

In his personal time, Dr. Tim simply enjoys spending time with his family. You may find him taking in a football game with his grandpa, exploring new parks with his kids or bantering with his brother about which one of them is their mom's favorite. Dr. Tim feels most fortunate to have a tight knit family that truly enjoys spending time together.

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