Chiropractic Testimonials

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Brooke moved to Minnesota and was suffering from back pain and sciatica. She found Maplewood Chiropractic Health Center by using Google. She called and made an appointment and began treatment. Hear her story.

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Lauren is a very active person. Between her job and her love for running, she is constantly on the go. Hear about how Chiropractic care keeps her moving!

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Patrick worked out at the gym next to our office regularly. One day he decided to come in to seek help for some pain and discomfort he was having. Hear how Chiropractic has helped him.

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Cheng found our clinic on Google. He has been receiving Chiropractic care for a few months. Hear his story and how Chiropractic has helped him.

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Spencer is a very active athlete. He has been receiving regular Chiropractic care for some time now. Hear his story.

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Jake moved to the area and needed a new Chiropractor. Hear his story.

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Tracia was regularly seeing another Chiropractor before coming to Maplewood Chiropractic Health Center. The other Chiropractor retired, so she sought a new Chiropractor and found our office. Hear her story.

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Marilyn made an appointment after finding the office using Google. She came in with back problems. Listen to her story.

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Ka has been a regular Chiropractic patient for many years. Chiropractic has helped her in so many ways. She used to take OTC medications daily before getting care. She also found Chiropractic care very beneficial throughout her pregnancy. Hear her story.

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Kia found the office using Facebook. She filled out some information online requesting an appointment, and was contacted by the office to chat. She came in with neck and shoulder pain. Hear her story.

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Develle is an avid workout enthusiast. One day he walked into our clinic after doing a workout. He was dealing with some aches and pains that prevented him from going 100% at the gym. Hear his story.

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Kagai was referred to our office by her fiancé. She has been struggling with headaches and migraine prior to getting chiropractic care. Hear her story.

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I had a snowboard accident, and the pain built up over time. My neck and shoulder pain was the worst, but I also was getting headaches. Seeing Dr. Jason and doing the Chiropractic program he recommended has changed my life. I no longer have the neck and shoulder pain. But also no longer have headaches. The office is a great place and a fun place to be.

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Kenny: Back Pain

I had very intense back pain. I had been dealing with back pain for quite some time. The pain got worse one day while driving from work, so I stopped into his office. Ever since coming here, I have had such a big relief, the pain is gone. This is the best money well spent.

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Cody: Neck Pain

I was referred to Dr. Jason by a friend. I had neck pain for a really long time, and it was affecting my mobility. The pain was affecting my ability to do some of the things I love, like Jiu Jitsu. After seeing Dr. Jason I no longer have the pain, and I have a better range of motion. Also, I can still practice my sport without any complications.

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Ryan: Low Back Pain

I met the doctors at the Ramsey County Fair and made an appointment. I came in because of low back pain and digestive issues. My range of motion has drastically improved. I can now keep up with my 3 year old son. My digestive issues are basically non-existent. I am very pleased with the results I have gotten here.

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Gao: Headaches and Neck Pain

I was referred to this office by a family member who goes here. I came in because of headaches I was having, and low back pain as well. Since coming to the office, I have not had any major headaches at all. Plus my neck is feeling much better. The care I have gotten has been great

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Myles: Pain After Car Accident

I met Dr. Jason at LA Fitness next to his office; we both work out there. I was rear-ended by a truck one day while sitting at a stoplight. Shortly after the accident, I started having neck pain and back pain as well. The pain made it hard for me to do what I am passionate about which is lifting weights and working out. Also, the pain made it difficult to concentrate in class. Now after seeing Dr. Jason I no longer have neck or back problems, I can lift weights again, and I can sit in class all day long too.

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Carole: Neck and Shoulder Pain

Dr. Jason was at the Washington County Fair talking to people and I decided to see if he could help me. My pain had been going on for about 2 years and I was tired of dealing with it. The pain affected my ability to do my job; which is very physical and requires me to stand a lot! After getting Chiropractic care I can now do my job more efficiently, and I don't have the pain anymore. Dr. Jason is very good at what he does.

Diana: Hip Pain and Low Back Pain

Chiropractor Maplewood MN Jason Schwietz & Diana TestimonialMy friends saw Dr. Jason and were really impressed with him; so they referred me to his office. I had hip pain/low back pain that had been going on for several months. The pain felt as though it was getting worse over the last year and I knew I needed help. As a nurse I work on my feet all day long, and this pain was starting to affect how I was performing on the job. Now after getting Chiropractic care, my hip doesn't bother me anymore. Dr. Jason is friendly and very knowledgeable.

Bob: Shoulder and Knee Pain

Chiropractor Maplewood MN Jason Schwietz & Bob TestimonialI met Dr. Jason at the Ramsey Fair; I liked what he had to say so I scheduled my first appointment with him.  I had shoulder and knee pain for the past 10 years.  It felt like a dull knife in my joints.  Pain restricted my movement, which caused me to gain weight.  Since seeing Dr. Jason I move easier and have less pain.  I changed a few things in my diet and lost over 30 lbs.  Dr. Jason has made a life long patient and friend, he works hard for his patients.


Tim: Headaches and Neck Pain

Chiropractor Maplewood MN Jason Schwietz & Tim TestimonialI walked into the clinic one day; I never had been to a Chiropractor, but I wanted to see if Chiropractic could help. I am a former Army Sargent. Beginning back in 2004 I started getting excruciating headaches and neck pain. The pain was so severe that it would make my physically ill. I didn't want to do anything but lay in bed all day. I would take over-the-counter medications all the time to try and get rid of the pain. After getting Chiropractic care my headaches have reduced in both severity and frequency. I no longer rely on taking medications to control my pain. Dr. Jason is not about the money, he actually cares about his patients and wants them to get better.

Julie: Hip pain

Chiropractor Maplewood MN Jason Schwietz & Julie TestimonialI met Dr. Jason one night at a free informational dinner event he was doing at the restaurant I work at. I was intrigued about Chiropractic, and having never been to one I decided to make an appointment with him. I have been dealing with hip pain for at least 3 months prior to going into his office. The pain was making it difficult for me to work on my feet all day long. After seeing Dr. Jason I have no pain, and I can go out like normal and work all day too. Chiropractic is amazing. Thanks Dr. Jason, you are awesome!

Jumoke: Back Pain

Chiropractor Maplewood MN Jason Schwietz & Jumoke TestimonialMy son loves going to Dr. Jason and he referred me into the office one day. I have had back pain for a few years, ever since I was involved in a car accident. The pain kept me from sleeping at night, affected my ability to work my job, and my ability to exercise. Since beginning care with Dr. Jason I sleep much better, my mood is much better, and I know I am more healthy. I love coming in to get adjusted by Dr. Jason.


John: Automobile Accident

Chiropractor Maplewood MN Jason Schwietz & John TestimonialI was referred into the office by a family member. I was involved in an automobile accident a few years ago and have had lingering pain ever since. I couldn't believe how crooked my spine was when I saw my x-ray, especially since I didn't have that much pain. Since beginning care, I feel much stronger in my mind and my body. This is a must-do if you truly want to not only stay pain-free but to stay healthy throughout your life.

Fanny: Low Back Pain

Chiropractor Maplewood MN Jason Schwietz & Fanny TestimonialI walked into Dr. Jason's office one day, and I am so glad that I did. I was seeing a different Chiropractor before and the other Chiropractor just was not helping me. My low back pain was extremely bothersome, and kept me from performing my job as well as I need too. After seeing Dr. Jason my low back feels so much better, I can work all the time with no complications. Dr. Jason also has adjusted all of my children, including my newborn baby girl. I am so glad I came to this office!


Mike: Pinched Nerve/Radiating Pain

Chiropractor Maplewood MN Jason Schwietz & Mike TestimonialMy daughter was seeing Dr. Jason and recommended me to go see him. I was seeing another Chiropractor before coming to this office, but the other Chiropractor wasn't helping me. When I first came in the pain was so severe, it felt like someone was stabbing my back with a knife. I own my own business and my job is very physical, but with this pain, I couldn't go to work. The pain was so severe that I couldn't even sleep in my own bed with my wife, I slept in a reclining chair at night. After seeing Dr. Jason, I feel great!  Now I can work all day without any pain, I can sleep in my own bed again too.

Rachel: Headaches and Back Pain

Chiropractor Maplewood MN Jason Schwietz & Rachel TestimonialI wasn't feeling well for a few months.  Back pain was my main issue, but I was also having a lot of headaches. I was constantly tired, my energy levels were lower than normal, which made it tough to work a full day. Dr. Jason explained what was wrong with my spine and how it was causing my symptoms. Now I have more energy, I feel great! I can work all day and even go out with friends and family at night. The headaches and the back pain are no longer bothering me. Dr. Jason is very passionate about helping people feel better and live healthier lives.

Bobby: Neck Pain After Neck Fusion Surgery

Chiropractor Maplewood MN Jason Schwietz & Bobby TestimonialI had surgery on my neck; the doctors fused a portion of my cervical spine. Ever since the surgery, my neck has always been stiff/sore. Not only was it constantly bothering me, but it was affecting how I slept at night. The care I have received not only has helped get rid of my neck pain/stiffness but now I sleep better. I was always impressed at how Dr. Jason made me feel welcome at his office.


Rhianon: Headaches

Chiropractor Maplewood MN Jason Schwietz & RhianonTestimonialMy fiance' was seeing Dr. Jason and took me with him one day to the clinic to see if Dr. Jason could help me. My headaches began back in 2007. The pain was so severe that I would just sleep all the time. Also they would affect my ability to play sports. I used to take over-the-counter medications all the time to deal with the pain; because that was all I knew to do. I used to get headaches every other day, now after getting Chiropractic care I maybe get two headaches a month. I was scared of Chiropractic, but Dr. Jason put my mind at ease. The Chiropractic adjustments he gives me feel great!

Mark: Neck Pain

Chiropractor Maplewood MN Jason Schwietz & Mark TestimonialI was referred to this office by a family member. My neck pain began about a year ago. It irritated me the most from doing things like playing sports and sitting in school for long periods of time. The care I received in this office has helped the pain go away, it no longer hurts. I can play basketball and other sports I enjoy now without having the irritating pain. Dr. Jason is great, I would refer anyone that needs help to go see him.

Chris: Headaches, Neck Pain, and Low Back Pain

Chiropractor Maplewood MN Jason Schwietz & Chris TestimonialI found this clinic online and emailed them to schedule my first appointment.  I had headaches for as long as I can remember. My neck and back pain has been going on for many years as well. The pain makes it difficult to do my job.  I also enjoy playing exercising, but the pain made that difficult to do too. Chiropractic care has helped me get more energy, become more flexible, and I no longer suffer from the pain. I can work all day long, I can play golf, and do other things I love pain free. Dr. Jason is wonderful.

Mitch: Neck Pain, Upper Back Pain, and Wellness

Chiropractor Maplewood MN Jason Schwietz & Mitch TestimonialMy family was already seeing Dr. Jason and they have been loving the care they were getting, so they referred me in. My main problem was neck and back pain that had been going on for about two years. The pain slowed me down and made me feel uncomfortable at work and at the gym. The care I have gotten has made it so the pain is gone, now I can work all day and even go to the gym after work and not have any problems. Dr. Jason does a great job and wants to help people as much as he can.

Bob: Migraine Headaches

Chiropractor Maplewood MN Jason Schwietz & Bob TestimonialI met Dr. Jason at the Maplewood Mall while working one day. Migraine headaches have been occurring for many years.  I would get headaches all the time. The pain would easily be so severe that I would rate it a 10/10 on a pain scale. The pain would leave me feeling tired all the time. The headaches would wipe me out. Now the headaches are way less frequent.  And when I do get a headache the pain is not as severe. Dr. Jason is a great guy with lots of energy and excellent knowledge.

Mo: Car Accident

Chiropractor Maplewood MN Jason Schwietz & Mo TestimonialI found out about this office through their website; so I called and made an appointment. I was in a car accident. Afterward I had numbness in my feet and hands. I also found it difficult to breathe. The pain was so bad I had to stop doing things that I enjoy, like bowling. Now the numbness has improved greatly and I can perform physical activities again. I feel that Dr. Jason cares a lot about his patients and treats me as an individual.


Dave: Neck and Low Back Pain

We met Dr. Jason at the Washington County Fair; he was there to help people with health issues. I had been dealing with my neck and back pain for 14 years, and I know I need to do something about it. The pain left me moody, tired, and I couldn't work as well as I should of been able to. I had seen other Chiropractors, but they never helped me, so I had given up on Chiropractic until we met Dr. Jason. Dr. Jason has helped me immensely, I no longer have the pain, I can work my job at 100% of my capacity. I am much happier now!

Adam: Abdominal/Groin Pain

Chiropractor Maplewood MN Jason Schwietz & Adam TestimonialI called Dr. Jason in 2013 because of all the pain I was having; I had back pain and sharp pain in my abdominal/groin area. The pain prevented me from doing both of my jobs, which were being a Beachbody Personal Training coach and a Wrestling coach for the Blaine High School team. The medical doctors performed a hernia surgery, but seven months post-surgery and I was still having this pain. The medical doctors wanted to do another surgery, they called it an "exploratory surgery". I didn't want that, so I went to Dr. Jason instead. Within three weeks of care at his office, I was feeling significantly better. Now I can work out without the pain, I can coach my wrestlers without the pain, and most importantly I can be a dad to my girls.

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