What is Subluxation in Maplewood MN

What Is Subluxation in Maplewood MN

Chiropractic Maplewood MN Subluxation

Subluxation in Maplewood MN, many people have never heard of this term when they enter my office for the first time. The very first thing that any patient that enters my office will be educated on is this term. Subluxation is when a vertebra is out of alignment which then affects sensitive nerve tissues by squeezing, rubbing, stretching, or twisting the nerve. The resulting irritation interrupts normal nerve pathways, causing nerves to misfire, which can affect any organ or muscle in your body.

Get your spine checked in Maplewood MN

People go to their dentist to be checked for cavities, people go to their medical doctor to have annual check-ups, but too few people go to a Chiropractor to get their spines checked. Why? The real reason why is that people were never taught or raised to get their spines checked unless they have an ache or pain. Do you only go to your dentist, or bring your children to the dentist when there is a problem? No. Most people see their dentists once or twice a year for a cleaning/checkup. Do you only go to your medical doctors, or bring your children to the medical doctor when there is a problem? No. Again, people make appointments to have a yearly physical. So why don't people go see a Chiropractor have their spines examined? Do people only go to the gym when they are already out of shape and decide to start working out? No. Millions of people work out at gyms every single day to keep in shape.

So why do Chiropractors seem to get so many patients that have this "I'll wait until there is a problem" attitude? The real reason is there is a lack of education, there is a lack of knowledge of what Chiropractic is all about, and this lack of education/knowledge leads to a lack of value of what Chiropractic is. People need to be better educated on why they need to place more value on your spine than they do. If people understood the true philosophy of Chiropractic, then everyone would go to a Chiropractor. Yes everyone, that includes parents taking their children too. Parents need to be educated that their children also have spines that need to maintain too.

Abnormal Alignment

So how does your spine shift from a normal alignment to abnormal alignment? Whenever I show patients an x-ray of their spine, and they see the damage, they often say one of two things; 1. I don't have any pain in that region. 2. How did it get that way? Well, you can have damage/abnormal spinal alignment and have no idea. If your spine is out of alignment it will not always create pain or symptoms. And the reason your spine is out of alignment could be one of many reasons. It could occur from having a traumatic birthing experience, falls, car accidents, improper lifting, poor posture, sports injuries, sitting too long, repetitive work, sudden or violent movements, lack of exercise, and chemical or emotional stress.

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