Too Much Cleanliness in Maplewood MN

Too Much Cleanliness in Maplewood MN

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Turns out too much cleanliness in Maplewood MN is not a good thing for you or your immune system after all! Everywhere you go today there is hand sanitizer; at the grocery stores, at the mall, at the schools, basically any public place. America has turned into a "germaphobe" Nation! Whatever happened to the old saying "God made dirt and dirt don't hurt!"

Being Too Clean Does More Harm Than Good in Maplewood MN

So there you are, loaded up with your arsenal of antibiotic hand sanitizer lotions or your antibacterial hand wipes, ready to face whatever "dangers" await you as your run your daily errands. The sad thing is really, not so much that you bought all those things, but the fact that you bought into the philosophy that you need those things to stay healthy. The truth of the matter is, you don't! Unless you are absolute, 100% without a shadow of a doubt destroying every single pathogen (virus, bacteria, fungus) that you come across daily with your sanitizer solutions, you will not be safe from "germs." And guess what, you are not destroying 100%. It says so right on the label, kills 99.9% of bacteria.

Let's look at this from a purely Natural Selective process, this will help you make more sense of what really is happening. So the labels of these "miracle wipes" say they destroy 99.9% of bacteria, well, what percentage of viruses do they kill? What percentage of fungi do they kill? Do they always kill 99.9% of bacteria, or is it more like 90%, 80%, or 70%? How would you know, did you bring your microscope with you to Target? So let's say that you do kill 99.9% of the bacteria, which means that the 0.1% of bacteria that is still alive was able to survive your lotions/wipes, meaning they were resistant. Do you have a backup plan for killing that small percentage of bacteria? Probably not. So now we have this 0.1% of bacteria that survive the "germ massacre" and then that 0.1% of bacteria duplicate, and their offspring duplicate, and their offspring, and so on and so forth. Until that 0.1% of antibiotic-resistant bacteria turn into 0.2%, then 0.4%, then 0.8%, and slowly and slowly and slowly they keep reproducing. Science knows about this problem, you can problem Google it right now.

In fact, Minnesota was the first state to ban a particular type of Antibiotic soap, just a few weeks ago. Why? Because two reasons;

  1. People need to wash their hands for over 3 minutes for the soaps to be 99.9% effective, and, let's be honest, who washes their hands for over 3 minutes.
  2. The antibiotic soaps are leading to antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

One of my biology teachers back in college used to talk about this, and said how someday science will not have an answer for these resistant strains of bacteria, I thought she was crazy at the time, turns out she wasn't.

Take it from a biology major, germs lurk in the most uncommon places. You see most people think that the bathrooms are going to be the most germ-filled, but they usually aren't. Back in Chiropractic college, we all had to do an experiment, we had to swab or "take a sample" using a Q-tip of various public areas and spread it onto a Petri dish, incubate them, and let whatever bacteria, viruses, or fungus grow. What you learn by doing something like this is that the areas you least expect to be contaminated, are the most contaminated.

What is the Solution

So what is the answer? Well, one answer is to build an underground shelter, lock you and your family up in it for the rest of your lives, therefore limiting exposure. Or the better answer is to be exposed to these "germs" daily. Everyone was born with an Immune System, it is there to detect, target, destroy pathogens. When it encounters pathogens and kills them, it strengthens your immune system. But when you sideline your Immune System and count on these antibacterial wipes, now your Immune System gets no "practice" destroying pathogens, therefore it gets weak & lazy, and therefore how do you expect it to do its job correctly. It would be like counting on some guy no one has ever heard of to take the game-winning 3 points shot in an NBA Championship when you have Michael Jordan on your team. I would put all my money on Michael Jordan and I would put all my money on my Immune System.

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